Katalin (akatalin) wrote,


I have to fly down to socal , grandpa is having kidney failure and he can't wait till spring break which is in two week.. Mom says he might not be here for it.  
I'm leaving at 5:15 then on to the plane at 6:30 .. We (mary and I) have a stop over in San fran .. I never been but I'm going to be in the airport that is kind of cool.. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something.. I can't bring lucky because we are doing carry on only . Gah. I have no clue how long I'm going to be down there.. I have three jeans , the gray dress pants I'm wearing , the purple pull over I'm wearing now , and like 5 tops and all my school work..
I think my math teacher has torrects or something .. I know he is def OCD ... he kept saying thanks for coming like four times in class.... I never noticed these things before the test when he kept saying thank you as he watched as take the test and pace around the room... As he was talking to us he is straighting chairs .... yea... but at least he gave me the hw for the next week .. all I'm going to miss is a quiz and *gasp* fridays dozies which is two section ... because pre-abl is so very hard my poor pea brain wont be able to handle it ... I do the hw in class most of the time... gah..
Accouting should be fine he email me back saying it was ok and what we will be coving . I just email Andy my econ teacher .. I think he might be a wanker about it because he is kind of no nonsense  person nice but no nonsense... So he will prombly tell me well that is your promblm and that I should see if I can get notes from anyone , which I emailed him that I want to know what he is going to go over majorly in class and I can prombly get in class notese from someone like Will or Jim the Magician...
I know I'm forgetting something , fuck
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