Katalin (akatalin) wrote,

  • Mood:

raining hell

so alot of the jobs I'm finding are for full time wtf when I wanted a ft job I couldn't now when I just want a fuckin' part time one there are ft everwhere blah .
Like the job I interveiwed for which I know I wont hear back from wants you to be free four days .. any four days the bitch wants you to have and they are closed on sunday so that is like gah .. I am getting a lot of my hw plowed thru which is nice ..
We are going to refill the printer ink thingys so then I wont feel bad when I print up resumes ..
ok I need to lay down I've been up to damn long . if I was a religionist person I would be wondering where the fuck my other door is going to open up lol ...
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