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(Fish In a Bowl)

Slipping time [08 Jul 2011|04:06pm]
I think I have been reading too much.

I haven't posted on here in a while, I tryed on my mobile but that didn't work for some reason or other. I'm out of school for the summer, the very warm summer. Its been between 90 to 102 so far, but that is Chico weather for you. I'm waiting for the Walter to shower and be done so we can try to make it up the mountin so I can get credit for books. 

Just to put this out there, I still have yarn to make a Dr. Who Scarf for someone, I was thinking about starting it tonight while I was showering this morning because I feel like knitting. 
Also I have a random box for a certain Fellow who is tall and might not be much a a ginger now of days. As my own blonde hair is showing shiny silver high lights. lol

well then I'm gonna be a perv and peek in The walters bathroom now.

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odd [08 Nov 2009|12:37am]
argh , I am out of it , I need to finish hw . I remember why I quit , blah to stupid people , when you get a coupon online YOU PRINT THAT FUCKER OUT.. duh ...
well so far the xmas song hunt has been taking up my time . I should of done my hw but I am me.
I have so much I need to do.
I feel bad I never up date on here , I wish I would more but when ever I want to write I lose what I want to say by the time the computer is booted and loaded ..... like I forgot what I was going to add ... hmmm

I'm in a I want to cut my hair mood ... but I wont 'cause it's getting longer but I am sooo tempeted .. my I'll fuck my colour up .... ahzrtgiufrgijhoxglkjoi trftvldt

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grades [09 Jun 2009|01:43am]
ok this semster I did awesome .
Econ2  A
Math217 (dummy math)  A
Acct2 A
Fn2 A (and it was my first online class)

The A in Econ makes me happy , making feel that I should contuine with it ...  Tahoe was nice , it rain most of the time lol. It was great . I love how I have this urges to outdoorir things like hiking and such . Man I'm lazy. Walter left for Ny today . My bowling class starts on monday. I have to remind him not to Drop walter. I think Saturday should be fun it's Nika's welcome home party . It's theme is Black and White , I'm not sure what I should wear ...
While looking for xmas lights for the party, I found a box of high school things , letters and random things I would writh and ticket stubs. It was kind of weird but nice. It is kind of funny because some of the things I wrote I alway thought of this one guy from school. I wish I wrote nicer . 
I'm sleepy

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june/may [24 May 2009|07:04pm]
I've been back in school for three semsters .. It's that time again where people are gradutioning .. and for once I don't feel like shooting my self . I think it helps because there is a small chance I might grad with something  , even if I don't I  still feel better. I know for the last 9 years I also feel so shittie that I dred these months to come ( that and I have a shit load of birthdays to remember in may). I have two finals to go and I'm getting very neavouse about them. Micro Econ was hella (haha I said hella) hard than Marco but I don't remember being freaked out about the final as I am now. I think because I was so close of getting a B in the class that I am freaking out because I'll prombly get a C again .. Blah  .. Accounting  I'm not lookign forward to the test we have to do a Classify balance sheet .. Argh I hate those sooo much.... Walter is away at a study group .. I'm hungery ..... 
So for the Tahoe trip with Dad .. I'm gonna bring Tatting , maybe Needle felt , and the laptop.. So my goal is to flesh my outline out to a bigger outline then from there to maybe whole sentances or some thing lol... I should go get the blue blanket now .. I was going to write more but I'm distracted by facebook and two messagerns lol ...  Just so everyone is on the same page... Yes I am talking to Dawn again LOL

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so now it's time to [17 May 2009|09:51pm]
School is almost over. I cna't wait. The day after school I'm going on a trip with my father just the two of us I'm excite. I miss hanging out with him just me and him. When I worked at Disney we tryed to do lunch and a movie some time.
I'm going to be getting an F in Antrho 13 from spiring 08 because I haven't had the time to finish it blah but I had a busy school vac off. I have such a hard time when things are going on.
I want more funnel cake... My tummy doesn't need the padding .. I gain almost everything I lost from last summer blah .. I'm am dumb.  It is realyl warm up here . I wish it was colder. I need to try to put office 07 on my laptop , I'm going to try to write when I'm away and then when I get back walter will be going to Ny to see his mother for a week.. So I should have a few days to get something out.
I'm afriad I'm not going to get everything done in time.....

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THUMP [26 Apr 2009|12:16am]
Thump thump thump the floor vibrates from the loud teenage party below. Thought swirl around my head while I blast Elton John trying to tone it out. Thump thump thump .. muffled noises in different pitches make my toes tingle. If only.
Cigar smoke wiffs up to the baclony the laughing starts and contuines to go on and on . PArty only been on for a whlie and it contuine till 2ish . Loud they get voices raised high , laughing in their deep voices. Nameless people slam theheavy black metal screan. Thump thump thump .

I was going to post something but I got distracted , the boys (perhaps two of the girls) are having a louder party so it must be the boys .. Walter and I took a needle felting class today it was awesome. I made a Sun queen and I now made a love bug or something and a silly little pengie ...  I need pipe cleaners that I know where they are .. Meow

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hanging with the dead [04 Mar 2009|12:24pm]
James "the Godfather"Klobucar (1925-2009) went to join other love ones in LoHoya. He went in a red shirt on the 3 of march. He will be lived thru his Wife, his four childen , his' eight grandkids and his two great grandkids each which is over a year. He lived a full life he did many great things that he made happen for him. His drive to live for the past 26 years is a testmonail how he wanted to live and let all his family know and love him.  He will be missed but now he can have all the gravey he wants.

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m\w\jdgju [27 Feb 2009|03:55pm]
I have to fly down to socal , grandpa is having kidney failure and he can't wait till spring break which is in two week.. Mom says he might not be here for it.  
I'm leaving at 5:15 then on to the plane at 6:30 .. We (mary and I) have a stop over in San fran .. I never been but I'm going to be in the airport that is kind of cool.. I keep thinking I'm forgetting something.. I can't bring lucky because we are doing carry on only . Gah. I have no clue how long I'm going to be down there.. I have three jeans , the gray dress pants I'm wearing , the purple pull over I'm wearing now , and like 5 tops and all my school work..
I think my math teacher has torrects or something .. I know he is def OCD ... he kept saying thanks for coming like four times in class.... I never noticed these things before the test when he kept saying thank you as he watched as take the test and pace around the room... As he was talking to us he is straighting chairs .... yea... but at least he gave me the hw for the next week .. all I'm going to miss is a quiz and *gasp* fridays dozies which is two section ... because pre-abl is so very hard my poor pea brain wont be able to handle it ... I do the hw in class most of the time... gah..
Accouting should be fine he email me back saying it was ok and what we will be coving . I just email Andy my econ teacher .. I think he might be a wanker about it because he is kind of no nonsense  person nice but no nonsense... So he will prombly tell me well that is your promblm and that I should see if I can get notes from anyone , which I emailed him that I want to know what he is going to go over majorly in class and I can prombly get in class notese from someone like Will or Jim the Magician...
I know I'm forgetting something , fuck

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Posted using TxtLJ [17 Feb 2009|03:22pm]
n the car listening to a cd. I'm early and i don't want to be waiting by myself. I'm a wuss. She wanted a big table in there i don't know which one it's

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Posted using TxtLJ [17 Feb 2009|03:22pm]
raining and i love doris day .

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*bucked [17 Feb 2009|03:22pm]
I have my 1st tatting lesson and we are meeting at star bucks. I haven't been to one since i've lived here. It's weird i'm just sitting i

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Posted using TxtLJ [04 Feb 2009|10:52am]
Post(math) my teacher just asked if i need anything because he is teaching a class in 5 mins . He didn't reconize me. I sit in the front

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cell phone [03 Feb 2009|01:59am]
I hope this works. Walter is talking about chem if he wants to sit in . . .

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wow I am lame [19 Jan 2009|04:24pm]
So I haven't update in like for ever .... Um I got my grades they sucked but whatever

I went to a master learner program (not bater like I kept hearing in my head) and I won a laptop and printer .. that was cool and I learn how to take notes a little differently so hopefull that will help me a bit.. the lap top is a 2003 dell latitude and walter got me a wifi card for it so I can go online he lovesme...

I also got a haircut from Sarah and it is awesome .. very ... I had tv new caster hair .... she styled it ... it looks wet too how I wear my hair lol ...

And walter got me early birthday gifts he got me Singstar LEgands and Abba .. it's awesome he loves me alot YEA .... he even sang Abba with me for a bit ... Legands is ok but I don't understnad why son of a peacrher man is on it when it is on my other singstar that is a waste because I have it on two disc ... but "This Charming man" is on it and that is awesome but I always though tit was "a junked up counrty boy who never knew his place " ... who know but Death cab for  cutie didn't know the words either so HA....

School start next monday ... blah and I am not ready ... Haven't clean the closents or book bag yet and I need to finish that term paper blah .... and I still need to figure out what job I should get that I wont go crazy getting stuck ther efor the few years because that is what happens blah ..... I need to pee and I keep geting the computer to beep at me I'm not sure what I am touching .... weird ...... and that touch pad keeps moving the pointers else where on the page lol meow moew

ok peeing now

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dude [07 Dec 2008|12:28am]
So I woke up this morning freaking out thanks to Nimbus.. he was being cute and sleeping next to my tummy between walter and I , what he normaly does right. Well this morning I had a horrid dream  , it starts out that I'm laying on my side and some how I'm much skinny every where else expect I have somehting that looks like a basketball in my belly  so I'm freaking out how the fuck did I get preggo and why is nimbus curl up around it and he is purring so much that is is vibrating againest my spin , so I go to take care of the prombelm (yes I'm a bitch and I should go to hell , why I need to burn the those tubes) but Nimbus will not let me be taken care of .. that is why I woke up and he was there.. so that freaked me out majorly becuase I don't want kids ever .
so yea I really need to write my term paper but I am finding all sorts of things to do ... yea... ok

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this thing hates me .... [04 Dec 2008|05:05pm]


okCollapse )


ok how about now Collapse )

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raining hell [09 Nov 2008|09:14pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

so alot of the jobs I'm finding are for full time wtf when I wanted a ft job I couldn't now when I just want a fuckin' part time one there are ft everwhere blah .
Like the job I interveiwed for which I know I wont hear back from wants you to be free four days .. any four days the bitch wants you to have and they are closed on sunday so that is like gah .. I am getting a lot of my hw plowed thru which is nice ..
We are going to refill the printer ink thingys so then I wont feel bad when I print up resumes ..
ok I need to lay down I've been up to damn long . if I was a religionist person I would be wondering where the fuck my other door is going to open up lol ...

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::gasp:: [06 Nov 2008|08:36pm]

Here is a post.
I did my schedule for next semster and I might change it again . I'm not looking forward to english 2 blah.  I still owe Tom a term paper from last semster ..... drowing in a sea of words plunge deeper in to clear blue water making murkieness for all to see

I should be doing hw but I don't feel like it.

Mmm. I got an interview and I am going to BOMB because the gal seems to have already written me off .... Blah...  I need to find something or make stuff and sell it I don't know ... 

I need to :

Do hw :
       Econ : no clue
     Acct: Chapter 9 hw 
                             Comp Prom #2 plus the extra credit 'cause I know I bombed the test
   Hum 60's : Take home quiz of the sexual thingy
                                    b/s yoga book
     English 119 :  Essay # 7 
                                     FW 12 14 15 16 
                                   Final Essay 5 pg
            Spring 2008:                Term paper for Tom.
Clean things up:
              Closest ALL
             Rooms ALL
            Yarn ALL

Make things for xmas:
                       Hats ? Scarf?
Make things to sell?


The walter is out of the shower..

edited ... when did coding stop working .... in lj ... I did <b></b> and it showed up like that and that rich text thingy I never notices ... wow .. I'm out of it

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I is idjit [30 Oct 2008|02:00am]

I really need to do my essay sooner before the night before class other wise I get these sentances that I think are the awesomest....
"What is this prop protection Californaia from?  is “God” coming to smit Califorina or will he come down and eat los angles and San franisco." I can't spell I havne'et fixxed it yet... I am tired ... I actuly used "Holy chimpanzees Batman the children are learning Evolution! " ..... I think my brain is fried..... lj says undead journal..... ....

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Kitty kopy! [15 Oct 2008|09:14pm]

Comment and I will...

a) Tell you why I friended you. (if I can recall)

b) Associate you with something -- a fandom, song, color, photo, etc.

c) Tell you something I like about you.

d) Tell you a memory I have of you.

e) Ask you something I've wanted to know about you.

f) Tell you my favorite userpic from your list.

g) In return, you need to post this on your own livejournal.

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